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What Is The Repair And Maintenance Method Of KOYO Bearing

- Jul 04, 2018 -

What is the repair and maintenance method of KOYO bearing?

The humidity, temperature and other factors of air will have certain influence on KOYO bearing. The temperature will first affect the grease of the bearing and cause the oxidation reaction of the bearing, thus reducing the service life of the bearing. In addition, the moisture in the air and other magazines are easy to cause the bearing rust corrosion, if the bearing is not sufficiently anti-rust measures, it is easy to be damaged.

In addition, the damaged KOYO bearings are generally shown as follows:Wear, tear, or even crack due to improper installation or lubrication.Corrosion caused by lubrication and damaged sealing film is also a major cause of bearing failure.
KOYO bearing  maintence

In addition, the material surface of the bearing falls off or deforms during use, which can easily lead to the scrapping of the KOYO bearing.Since temperature is the main environmental factor affecting the service life of KOYO bearing, it is necessary to control the temperature of the lubricating system of the bearing. Generally, it can be alleviated by adding cooling fins or coolers.

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