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Use And Selection Of Bearing Retainers

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Use and selection of bearing retainers

The choice of bearing retainer is very important. Because once too much dust sticks to the bearing, the cage will wear first. If the bearing cage is damaged, the bearing will be directly damaged. High-quality bearings use large rivets to reinforce the cage. Our bearings are fully compliant with the process, so each of our products is of high quality.

Bearing material and hardness

High-quality bearings must be made of bearing steel. At present, the standard hardness of a rolling bearing is 60-65 degrees, the ring hardness is 61-62 degrees, and the ball is 64-65 degrees. A simple way to identify a bearing is to see if its hardness exceeds 60 degrees because only bearing steel can exceed this level.

Grease selected bearings

Many customers ignore this key point. Bearings should work for a long time, so this must be ensured by enough grease. This should also take into account working in different seasons and environments.

Special Note: If the working environment temperature exceeds 120°C, please select high temperature grease. If the temperature is lower than -20°C, select low temperature grease.

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