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Type And Structure Of Bearing

- Dec 07, 2017 -

① double row angular contact ball bearings-can withstand both radial and biaxial axial loads, 30 degrees of contact angle;

② self-aligning Ball Bearings-double row steel ball, outer ring Raceway is the inner spherical shape, with automatic adjustment of the heart performance, mainly bearing radial force;

③ Spherical roller bearings-similar to self-aligning ball bearings, have higher bearing capacity;

④ Tapered roller bearings-can withstand both radial and unidirectional axial loads, with large carrying capacity, usually in pairs;

⑤ needle Bearing--can only withstand the radial load, bearing capacity, radial size is very small, generally no cage;

⑥ thrust ball bearings-can only withstand axial load, the limit speed is low, the ring can be separated;

⑦ deep groove ball bearings--the structure is simple, mainly by radial load, can also withstand a certain two-way axial load, friction coefficient is small, inexpensive, the application of the widest range;

⑧ angular contact ball bearing-can withstand both radial and unidirectional axial load, contact angle of 15 degrees, 25 degrees and 45 degrees three species;

⑨ thrust cylindrical roller bearings-can withstand a larger unidirectional axial load, high axial stiffness, low limit speed, not allow axial and outer axis of the tilt;

⑩ cylindrical roller bearings-to withstand larger radial loads, the inner and outer rings can be freely axially moved and cannot withstand axial loads.

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