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TIMKEN Ball Bearing Feature

- Jun 23, 2018 -

TIMKEN ball bearing feature 

The design of TIMKEN super precision ball bearing can meet the requirements of high speed, precision and hardness of high demand mechanical tools. These bearings can be manufactured with a range of abec-7 to abec-9, the highest precision standard recognized by the ball bearing industry.

TIMKEN ball bearing  groove ball bearing .jpg

Most of the super precision ball bearing contact Angle is 15 ° and 25 °, to adapt to the different combination of radial and axial load. Special channel treatment and ball bearing design allow maximum possible operating speed.
Hybrid ceramic bearings are available with steel ceramic and ceramic balls for high speed and other demanding


Supply complete set of ball screw support bearings, has 60 °, contact Angle and the largest ball compensation is suitable for most of the high precision tool positioning of load and axial hardness requirements.

On the inside and outside the ring width tolerance stipulated in the precision bearing, roundness, verticality, taper, beating the axial and radial runout, also increased for the customer is not defined by ISO/ABEC parameters, including preloading tolerance, function test, the traceability code & microns, cleanliness, raceway curvature, ball level and roundness, surface processing (functional and non-functional surface), steel specifications, maintains a balancing chamfering and design and installation, etc. The definition of these parameters improves the quality of the precision angular contact ball bearings produced by timken, thus improving the performance of machine tool spindle.

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