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​The Evaluation Of NTN Bearing

- Jun 23, 2018 -

The evaluation of  NTN bearing 

(1) Japan NTN co., LTD., the world's fifth largest bearing manufacturer

(2)NTN- world comprehensive precision machinery manufacturer

(3) the precision machining technology of NTN and its unique proprietary technology are accumulated and developed on the basis of long-term development of bearings and are widely used in the production of precision machinery for use in all fields. This is a new sign of the development of NTN, which is constantly creating new value.
NTN bearing evaluation

(4) How to minimize friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency? The bearing technology of NTN has reached the precision of nanometer scale, which is only the size of nanometer in the world.

(5) The NTN bearing products, is 0.01 microns for the unit to produce high precision machining and testing technology, from both the demands of high performance and low cost of common household electrical appliances, until the requirement in harsh working environment can still normal play to its bearing function space rockets, NTN bearing in all walks of life, the development of various USES mechanical basis.

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