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Simplified Maintenance Solution For Rollers And Bearings

- Aug 29, 2018 -

Simplified maintenance solution for rollers and bearings

The maintenance team must indeed act quickly and effectively in order to limit the downtime of the machine. For this, the management of new parts both during storage and mounting must be simplified as much as possible.

The complete kit is adapted to this environment and perfectly meets all these constraints:

  • possible error when selecting the various components,

  • 2.simple storage,

  • 3.nothing can be forgotten during the mounting.

  • In our example of a conveyor being repaired, the ideal situation is to use a kit containing a sealed spherical roller bearing. As a real barrier against pollution, the seal can improve the life cycle of the roller up to 3 times compared to an open roller. The grease contained in the part is not dirtied; one annual addition of lubricant is enough and removes the need for numerous rounds and maintenance.

Overall, this solution makes the lives of maintenance operators easier and reduces the overall operating cost.

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