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Self-aligning Ball Bearing Feature

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Self-aligning ball bearings feature 

Self-aligning ball bearings find extensive adoption in applications such as machine tools, paper processing machines and textile processing machines. Shaft misalignments can be caused by varying loads exerted on roller shafts due to variations in dimensions of the different machined objects (in case of machine tools) or paper dimensions (in case of paper processing) or fabric widths (in case of textile processing). However, self-aligning ball bearings can accommodate such radial loads on the shaft without causing misalignment of the shaft. This also reduces the friction on the rolling element and thus reduces damage to the bearing. 

Therefore, end-users are able to achieve longer bearing life and longer lubrication intervals, significantly reducing their operating costs. These advantages are likely to increase end-user preference for self-aligning ball bearings and hence increase their sales.

The below graph represents the market adoption stages in Europe, of the various bearing technologies.

angular contact ball bearing

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