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Roller Bearings As A Part Of Its Production

- May 25, 2018 -

Roller bearings as a part of its production

These bearings of a new generation provide its users with improved durability, increased operation safety and longer service intervals, thus significantly reducing operation expenses and improving reliability of the bearings.

In order to achieve as efficient production as possible, the original machine structure needs to be replaced. That is why this is introducing a new line production, which will reduce the share of manual labor related to the bearing manufacture by 66%. Three new employees will be necessary for operating the grinding line. The new production line includes machines for grinding sides, grinding surfaces, grinding orbits, grinding holes, grinding support faces and super-finishing orbits.

neddle roller bearing

New roller bearings line

The WSTGroup exports its roller bearings throughout the entire world. After introducing the new production line, the plant in Klášterec nad Ohří will be able to produce a total of 47 types of roller bearings. And this number is not final. WSTreacts to the requirements and needs of the market and customers. That is why the company plans yet additional expansion of its assortment in the future.

The core segment, to which WST will offer its assortment of axle bearings, is the railway industry.Railway industry represents a perspective area, into which WST would like to expand. Roller bearings, designed not only for the railway industry, must be of a top quality and efficiency. 

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