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Remove Vibrating Screen Bearing Properly And Correctly

- Sep 27, 2018 -

Remove vibrating screen bearing properly and correctly

Vibrating screen bearing is one of the most important parts used in mine vibrating machinery equipment, vibrating screen machinery and vibrating motor.The working condition of the bearing is very harsh, with not only high environmental humidity, many dust particles, high rotating speed and high temperature, but also strong vibration impact, resulting in a very large working load.The bearing has strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, high reliability, good lubrication performance, and can overcome the shaft deflection deformation.

Improper removal of vibrating screen bearings may cause damage to the bearing interior.Contaminants may enter the bearing or may cause errors during reinstallation.Therefore, the removal of the vibrating screen bearing must be very careful, the shaft must be properly supported, otherwise the disassembly force may damage the bearing.

1. Disassembly of the outer ring

Remove the outer ring with interference fit. In advance, set a few screws on the outer ring of the casing to squeeze the screw at several places, and screw the screw evenly on one side.One side disassembled.These screw holes are normally covered with blind plugs, separate bearings such as vibrating sieve tapered roller bearings, and a few incisions are arranged on the housing block shoulder, using pads to be removed with a press machine, or with a gentle tap for removal.

2. Removal of cylinder bore bearing of vibrating screen

The inner ring can be removed with the pressure machine.At this point, pay attention to the inner ring to bear its pulling force.

The inner ring of large vibrating screen bearing is disassembled by oil pressure method.Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole on the shaft to make it easy to draw.For bearings with large width, the oil pressure method is combined with the drawing fixture for disassembly.

The removal of inner ring of NU type and NJ type cylindrical roller vibrating screen bearings can be done by induction heating.A method of drawing after the inner ring expands by heating the area in a short time.

3. Disassembly of taper bore bearings

Remove the smaller bearing with the tightener sleeve, support the inner ring with a block fastening the shaft, and turn the nut back several times

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