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Reasons For High Temperature Of Motor Bearing Of Energy-saving Ball Mill

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The bearing temperature is too high.

1. Check the lubrication point of each part of the energy-saving ball mill, and whether the lubricating oil grade is consistent with the equipment factory specification.

2, check the energy-saving ball mill lubricating oil and grease whether deterioration.

3, check the energy-saving ball mill lubrication Pipeline is blocked, or lubricating oil does not directly into the lubrication point, the lack of oil to cause fever.

4, energy-saving ball bearing side clearance is too small, the gap between the bearing and shaft too large, too much contact, can not form a uniform oil film on the bearing.

5, energy-saving ball bearing grease too much or too little, too much to form a rolling body to stir the grease to generate heat, and heat is not easy to disperse. Too little lubrication, should be in accordance with the provisions of the amount of oil, generally bearing gap $number more appropriate.

6, energy-saving ball mill grinding body at both ends of the hollow shaft of the sealing device is too tight, or the seal body iron directly with the shaft contact.

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