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Production Procedures Of Imported Bearing Rings

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Production procedures of imported bearing rings

1. Forging: in the process of forging, over-burning, overheating and internal cracking into reticulated carbide will reduce the toughness and strength of the ring. So must always be strictly control the processing temperature, cyclic heating and cooling conditions, such as spray cooling after forging, etc., especially in large breed ring after finish forging, the temperature is above 700 ℃, the shall not be piled up to put.

2. Heat treatment: close monitoring of heat treatment equipment is an important work in the workshop. Monitoring equipment reliability. The important thermostat devices such as instruments and thermocouples should be closely monitored to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement data. If the error exceeds the standard, it should be replaced in time.

Production procedures of imported bearing rings

3. Monitoring of grinding process. No abrasion burns and grinding cracks are allowed in the imported bearing rings, especially on the mating surfaces of the inner ring taper. After acid cleaning, the whole ring shall be inspected, and the burn product shall be removed. Those who cannot be repaired or unqualified for serious burns shall be scrapped, and the ring with grinding burns shall not be allowed to enter the assembly process.

4. Label management. After the steel products are stored in the warehouse, all processes must be strictly managed and two materials and products of GCR15 and GCR15SIMN shall be strictly distinguished.

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