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Precision Machining Sequence Steps

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The processing sequence of the bearing ultra precision can be divided into three steps: cutting, cutting, finishing.

First step: bearing Cutting

When the surface of the grindstone is in contact with the convex peak of the rough raceway surface, because the contact area is small, the force of the unit area is larger, under certain pressure, the grindstone is first subjected to the "back-cutting" effect of the  bearing workpiece, so that some of the abrasive grains on the surface of the grindstone fall off and shatter, exposing some new sharp grains and edges. At the same time, SKF bearing workpiece surface convex peak is fast cut, through the role of cutting and reverse cutting to remove the  bearing workpiece surface of the convex peaks and grinding metamorphic layer. This phase is referred to as the cutting phase, in which most of the metal allowance is removed.

Second step:bearing Half-cut

As the process continues, the surface of the three-ty bearing workpiece is gradually flattened. At this time, the surface contact area of the grinding stone and workpiece increases, the pressure of the unit area decreases, the cutting depth decreases and the cutting ability weakens. At the same time, the pores on the surface of the grindstone are blocked and the grindstone is in a half cutting state. This phase is known as  bearing finishing of the half cutting phase, in the half-cutting phase of  bearing workpiece surface cutting traces of light, and a darker luster.

The third step: the whole phase of light

This is the final step of the ultra finishing of the tri-ty bearing. As the workpiece surface is gradually polished, the contact area between the grindstone and the workpiece surface is further increased, and the surface of the grinding stone and the three-ty bearing is gradually isolated by the lubricating film, the pressure on the unit area is very small, the cutting effect is reduced, and the cutting is finally stopped automatically. This phase is called the light phase. There is no cutting mark on the workpiece surface during the whole phase, and bearing exhibits shiny finish.

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