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Our Bearing Structure Will Reshuffle Positioning

- May 29, 2018 -

Our bearing structure will reshuffle positioning

As a bearing manufacturing and exporter, our work is supply best quality bearing and best price to the customer and help them on their business.

Now our own brand WST bearing can be used in industrial machinery,cars and aerospace.We use new materials and the latest manufacturing technology to develope a variety of special environment bearings to meet the modern society needs. Also, invested much money to improve all the production line to ensure WST brand bearing’s innovation and quality.


The people of the country should be self-reliant, and the country is also supporting and helping our own industrial industry chain. The legendary domestic giants of the three companies: Harbin, ZWZ, and Luo Yang also do not lose the battle. They have developed high-quality products and bearings suitable for domestic machinery demand. And those give the proud foreigners great pressure.Through years of efforts and innovation,China’s bearings has a set of their own standards and user groups in the choice of materials, forging, grinding, processing. In the history of the world bearing is also a very good choice.Bearings and original patents have also been recognized and commended in the use of high-speed rail, aerospace, military manufacturing, manufacturing domestic . 

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