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NSK Bearing Develops Vibration Control Actuator For Train Cars

- May 30, 2018 -

NSK  bearing develops vibration control actuator for train cars

NSK bearing  will continue to develop new products and technologies for the railway sector contributing to safer, more comfortable, faster, and more environmentally friendly mobility.

With the rapid development and expansion of high-speed railway systems, vibration control for maintaining stability, ride comfort, and safety has become an important area of research and development for the railway industry. Typical undulations of railway tracks, and air pressure fields arising when entering tunnels can cause lateral swaying and shaking, resulting in a nauseating, uncomfortable riding experience. In light of this, NSK took the initiative to develop a vibration control actuator capable of enabling more comfortable travel at higher speeds.

bearing train car


1.Highly efficient, highly responsive
NSK's ball screws translate rotational motion to linear motion with minimal energy loss. Making the most of ball screw qualities, NSK developed a highly-responsive electric vibration control actuator capable of efficiently suppressing lateral vibration and sway.
2.Compact, lightweight
Designed small and light to fit in the limited space available between the bogie and the rail car body.
3.Resistant to adverse environments
Designed to reliably withstand the constant shocks and vibrations experienced by components of railroad car bogies. Also water and dust resistant, making the product capable of operating in the adverse environmental conditions experienced by bogie components.

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