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Introduction Of Bearing Installation Method Of Reduction Gears

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Introduction of bearing installation method of reduction gears

The reduction gears is designed for vertical installation due to its structure. In general, the imported reducer is small in size. In order to meet the cooling requirements, the heat capacity check is required.In addition, in order to prevent oil leakage in the lower shaft extension direction of the reducer, the combined sealing method is adopted, namely the skeleton seal and labyrinth seal.

The seal is specially designed to work in a dusty environment with a series of seals (radial seal rings, laminated seals, labyrinth seals filled with grease) to prevent dust from invading.Radial seal ring and laminated seal are used to seal the lubricating oil in the box body, while labyrinth seal with lubricating grease is used to prevent dust from entering.

The bearing of the reducer is lubricated by oil immersion or forced lubrication. In the current selected reducer, no forced lubrication is required, but oil immersion lubrication is adopted, which requires a supplementary fuel tank in the reducer.

Introduction of bearing installation method of reduction gears

It is worth noting that the output shaft of the reducer bears axial force and radial force. As the bearing of the output shaft of the reducer is installed in accordance with the conventional installation, the external bearing capacity is limited to a certain extent.When there is a large external force, the bearing should be selected according to the axial force and radial force provided.

However, the steel rope drive wheel of the overhead passenger gear has a large torque. If it is directly connected with the reducer through the coupling, the external force is much larger than the radial force and axial force limited by the standard design and the reducer with reinforced bearing.

And use special design decelerator, its result will increase greatly.In actual production, when the drive wheel is connected with the reducer by the equipment manufacturer, another set of bearing seat is added to bear the radial force of the steel rope drive wheel, so as to eliminate the influence of external forces on the reducer.

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