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Introduce The NSK Bearings

- Jun 20, 2018 -

 Introduce the  NSK bearings

NSK bearings through the "MOTION&CONTROL"(operation and control) technology, to build a comfortable and safe society.

NSK bearing industry, more and more companies entered into a widely used in: engineering machinery, machine tools, automobile, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, machinery, electric power, railway and other industries.Based on the long-term exploration and practice of the bearing industry, a number of enterprises have formed long-term strategic partners for the safe operation of equipment.Due to China's pivotal status, the development of NSK in China will further improve the quadrupole system.NSK two-way real-time network system CHALLENGERS to Japan, Europe, the americas, Asia Pacific four major economic regions to connect 24 hours continuously, realize the production, sales, logistics, technology development, such as a full range of information integration management, may at any time and place for data retrieval, analysis, and at the same time to the global NSK factory any order.

NSK the advent of globalization, with the domestic many companies began to NSK bearing agent engaged in the business, but because of many agents without some knowledge of bearing reserves, in the customer marketing, or a lot of problems, including technical support.Therefore, in the direction of the global development of NSK, we must pay attention to the standardization of the globalization of NSK.Conduct management and training to meet the requirements of professional NSK company.

nsk bearing

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