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Instruction Of The Deep Groove Ball Bearing

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Instruction of the deep groove ball bearing

Working principle: deep groove ball bearing mainly bears radial load, but also can bear both radial load and axial load.When it only bears radial load, the contact Angle is zero.When deep groove ball bearing has a large radial clearance, it has the property of angular contact bearing and can bear large axial load. The friction coefficient of deep groove ball bearing is small and the ultimate speed is high.

Deep groove type of SKF deep groove ball bearing continuous uninterrupted raceway.The raceway and steel ball have a good degree of compactness, which enables the bearing to withstand two-way radial and axial loads.Such bearing USES a very wide range, and the design is very simple integral environment suitable for high speed and ultra-high speed running stability, from a maintenance standpoint is basically don't need to do any maintenance.Deep groove ball bearing is also the most widely used bearing type.Therefore, SKF also provides a variety of designs, varieties, series and sizes of bearings.SKF deep groove ball bearings are available in a range of sizes ranging from 3 mm to 1500 mm.They are supplied at three performance levels:

deep ball bearing

1.SKF high quality standard bearings

2.SKF high-load explorer bearing 

3.SKF energy efficient (E2) bearings

SKF also produces engineered solutions for specific applications, including the following:

1.SKF is used for bearings with extreme temperatures

2.SKF bearing DryLube

3.SKF solid state oil bearing

4.SKF insulated bearing

5.SKF polymer bearings

6.The SKF NoWear never wears away the bearings

7.SKF sensor bearing unit

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