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Ingenious Bearings Continue To Help Spacecraft Strike Space

- May 09, 2018 -

Ingenious bearings continue to help spacecraft strike space

In the spacecraft, there is a component called bearing. The size is small, but they play an indispensable role in spacecraft flight. The smallest inner diameter is only a few millimeters. Only the size of the soy bean.And the largest inner diameter is only a few tens of millimeters. Those ingenious bearings control the posture of spacecraft activities.

The spacecraft's high precision and high quality requirements for bearings are not too harsh to describe, and the manufacturing process can be described as rigorous. As one of the country's three major bearing bases, the bearings produced by China Airfa Harbin Bearing Co., Ltd. are among the best. From the "Long March II Bundle Rocket" to "Dongfeng Series Missiles", from "Shen Zhou One" to "Shenzhou Seven" and from "Chang-Ngo One" to "Tiangong One".They use more than a dozen models and numbers of aerospace accessory products and thousand sets of bearings are all branded with the marks made by China Airline HRB. 

The characteristics of aerospace bearings are special materials, complicated processes, and high precision. For these characteristics and practical needs, China’s aviation and production lines have not been interrupted in technological transformation and testing equipment for years. R&D and testing level has been leading in China. Key product manufacturing has reached the highest level of international bearing standards. Feng Xiaochuan, the third-level technical expert of China Aerospace Product Design Office, told the reporter that many tests are required during the bearing development process, and the accuracy requirements for processing are particularly high. The dimensional error is calculated in terms of one-thousandth of a millimeter. Only fine-grained a process, you need to increase the surface brightness to 0.05 microns. “Furthermore, as a standard part, bearings require a long reserve period and it must be supplied one year or even two years in advance. Given the importance and specificity of this work, which models are used and which products will be used by parts of the spacecraft must be known after the spacecraft 'flying'." 

Nowadays, China Airfa Harbin Bearing Co., Ltd. has passed several quality certifications such as quality management system, environmental management system, secondary confidentiality qualification, equipment qualification, and national CNAS laboratories and etc.It has the capabilities of high-precision bearing design simulation, processing, heat treatment, physics and chemistry testing, and test evaluation . Although has many achievements, China Airline has not slowed down the pace of development, but insisted on independent research and development, and strives to enhance the positive research and development capabilities. The Group's leading strategy is“innovation-driven, quality-winning, talent-strength” It established 8 major bearing labs, such as simulation analysis and testing.It basically formed the development trend of “a self-research and development platform has been steadily built, the structure of technical talent echelons has become more rational, and the key models have been gradually increased in their ability to independently support”. Aerospace power demand continues to help China’s space industry fight space.

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