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Influence Of Bearing Structure On Vibration And Noise

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The raceway sound is caused by the rolling of the rolling body in the rolling of the bearing when it rotates in the raceway, and it stimulates a steady and continuous noise, which only arouses people's attention when the sound pressure level or the tone is great. In fact, the sound can be stimulated by the raceway sound is limited, such as under normal circumstances, high-quality 6203 bearing Raceway sound for 25~27DB. This noise is typical of a single row deep groove ball bearing subjected to a radial load, which has the following characteristics:

A. Noise and vibration have randomness;

B. Vibration frequencies above 1kHz;

C. No matter how the rotational speed changes, the main frequency of the noise is almost unchanged and the sound pressure level increases with the increase of rotational speed;

D. When the radial clearance increases, the sound pressure level increases sharply;

E. The bearing seat rigidity increases, the total sound pressure level is lower, even if the rotational speed rises, its total sound pressure level also increases little;

F. The higher the viscosity of lubricant, the lower the sound pressure level, but for grease lubrication, its viscosity, the shape of the size of the soap fiber can affect the noise value.

The origin of the raceway sound is caused by the inherent vibration of the ring after the load. The elastic contact of the ring and the rolling body forms a nonlinear vibration system. When the lubrication or machining accuracy is not high, the inherent vibration associated with this elastic feature is stimulated, and the transmission into the air becomes noise. It is well known that even using the most advanced manufacturing technology of the modern bearing parts, the surface of the work will always exist a small degree of geometric error, so that the rolling and rolling between the small fluctuations in the vibration system to stimulate the inherent vibration. Although it is unavoidable, however, it can adopt high-precision machining parts working surface, correct selection of bearings and accurate use of bearings to reduce noise and vibration.

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