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Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Advantage

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Hybrid ceramic bearing advantage

(1) High temperature resistance and small thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic balls will not cause bearing balls to expand due to temperature in a high temperature environment, which greatly increases the service temperature of the whole bearing. The temperature of ordinary bearings is around 160 degrees, and the ceramic balls can reach over 220 degrees.
(2) High speed, no oil and self-lubrication property of ceramic ball, low friction coefficient of ceramic ball, so ceramic ball bearing has a high speed.
(3) Long service life, ceramic ball can not add any grease, kill, that is to say, even if the oil bearing can operate, thus avoiding the ordinary bearing because grease off cause premature bearing damage. According to our test, and some customer feedback after using ceramic ball bearing life of 2-3 times that of the ordinary bearing.
(4) The last and most important point is insulation. Bearing with ceramic balls can insulate the inner and outer rings of the bearing, because ceramic balls are insulators, and ceramic balls can be used between the inner and outer rings of the bearing to achieve the effect of insulation.

Hybrid ceramic bearing

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