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How To Maintain Motor Bearings Of Roots Blower?

- Sep 25, 2018 -

  How to maintain motor bearings of roots blower?

    Many users who use the roots blower often neglect one point in the fan maintenance and maintenance: motor bearing maintenance.Customers who know more about the motor bearing of roots blower know that the motor bearing of roots blower, also known as motor bearing or motor bearing, is a special bearing specially applied to the motor or motor.The motor bearing used for the motor is a part of a supporting shaft, which can guide the rotation of the shaft, or can bear the parts of the shaft.

    How to maintain the bearings of roots blower in daily life?

    When the roots blower runs, the oil level should be between the two red lines of the oil level gauge (when filling lubricating oil, the oil level should be added to the oil level gauge line, and the oil level will be slightly reduced after the blower and vacuum pump run).Too little oil will lead to poor lubrication of gears and bearings;Too much oil can cause high oil temperature, causing damage to gears and other parts.

  Because of the frequency conversion control adopted by roots blower, the air volume can be precisely controlled. Compared with valve control, it is more intuitive and convenient to adjust the air volume to meet the production needs.The application of frequency conversion technology enables the motor to achieve soft start without the start current shock.Soft start with frequency converter, the starting current is not higher than the rated current of 46A, which reduces the impact of the outlet pressure on the fan and extends the service life of the fan and other equipment.As the rotating speed of the roots blower is reduced to 60%, the vibration frequency and noise of the blower pipeline are greatly reduced, thus extending the mechanical life of roots blower and motor bearing and reducing the maintenance amount of the equipment.

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