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How Is The Bearing Fixed To The Shaft

- Jul 06, 2018 -

How is the bearing fixed to the shaft

General is the use of interference fitted, interference fit is refers to the processing to the shaft diameter larger than the bearing inner hole size two silk, so shaft can't insert bearing inner hole, then put the bearing heated to 90 degrees Celsius (such as hot water boil), bearing inner hole will be thermal expansion, the size is greater than the journal, then quickly put the bearing installed on the shaft, and after a few seconds, bearing cooling contraction, held on the shaft.

Some bearing inner sleeve has fastening screw, can use the screw to position the bearing on the shaft, at this time the shaft processing size is two smaller than the bearing inner diameter, in order to facilitate the adjustment of bearing position.

The rest are bearing fasteners. This kind of bearing inside diameter is conical, it contained a fastening set of male cone, tighten the set of round nut and thrust pads, install on the shaft, bearing and fastening screw nut, bearing is installed on the shaft.

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