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How Are The Bearings Stored?

- Sep 13, 2018 -

How are the bearings stored?

Bearing storage: 

1. As long as the relative humidity in the storage room is no more than 60% and the temperature doesn't change much, the bearing can be stored in the original package for several years. 

2. The lubrication property of the filled grease in the bearing may be reduced after long-term storage of the sealed bearing or the bearing with dustproof cover. The storeroom should also be shaken and shaken. 

3. Bearings not stored in the original package should be properly kept to prevent corrosion and pollution.

4. Large rolling bearings can only be placed flat, and the sides of the inner and outer rings are best supported. 

5. If stored upright, the inner and outer rings and rolling parts are heavy, while the inner and outer ring walls are relatively thin, which may cause permanent deformation.

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