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Higher Speeds, Longer Operating Life, Greater Precision Ball Bearing

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Higher speeds, longer operating life, greater precision bearing

Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings offer long-life thanks to their use of extra pure and advanced material patented by NSK. Furthermore, low-noise characteristics make them ideal for quiet-running, high-speed spindles found on many modern machine tools. A variety of cage and seal options are available.

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An entirely new system that protects the motor spindle bearing support from overloading will also be presented for the first time. This innovative system records the loads occurring in a spindle bearing using a sensor ring and emits a warning signal before the spindle bearings are damaged as a result of continuous overloading or drastically increasing loads. By directly measuring the deflection and tilting of the front spindle bearing under load and speed, it is also possible to immediately deactivate the spindle in the event of a collision.

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