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Hch Bearing Ultra-precision Machining Techniology

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Hch bearing ultra-precision machining techniology 

HCH has ultra-precision machining technology. Through continuous innovation and integration, we are working to improve the power density so as to improve the performance of the machine. At the same time, we are working to increase energy output.

hch bearing ultra precision machine  techonlogy

From 2011 to 2009, HCH imported 100 high-precision bearing production lines from Japan. At the same time, Japanese technology was introduced to raise production to a higher level.

HCH adopts automatic grinding line and assembly line. By the end of 2009, HCH had 280 automated production lines. The standardization process was further established.

The HCH also uses  a centralized filtration system and uses grinding fluid filtration and cooling systems. The system ensures the cooling and cleaning of grinding fluid, and further improves the grinding effect and efficiency of inner and outer ring.

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