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Gas Lubricated Bearing Characteristics Advantages

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Gas lubricated bearing characteristics advantages

(1) high speed

The speed of the small helium turbine expander has reached 650 000r/min, and the linear speed is 238m/s, which has reached 455x106mm·r/min according to dn value.

(2) high precision

The gas film has the function of error homogenization, its precision is two orders of magnitude higher than the rolling bearing, and the vibration is small, and the noise is low.

(3) low friction loss

The gas viscosity is only one thousandth of the viscosity of lubricating oil, so the friction torque caused by inner friction of the gas film is three orders of magnitude lower than that of the oil film.

(4) wide applicable temperature range and can resist atomic radiation

Resistance to high temperature can reach 300-500 ℃, the temperature is low to 10 k gas bearings can still work.

(5) no pollution

Lubricating gas is usually air or inert gas, which is discharged into the atmosphere without pollution.Bearing vibration is small, noise is low, also do not constitute pollution to the environment.

(6) long life

The gas static bearing has no direct metal contact and its theoretical life is infinite.Considering other restrictions, it should generally be above 104h.There is friction between metals at the moment of starting and stopping of dynamic pressure gas bearing. The service life is affected to a certain extent, but it is also over 3000h.

Gas lubricated bearing characteristics advantages

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