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Function Of The Reducer Bearing

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Function of the reducer bearing 

The function of the reducer bearing, the reducer bearing type has many, commonly used has the rolling bearing and the cylindrical roller bearing more. There are many series of reducer bearings, such as SKF bearings, Fag bearings, NSK bearings, NTN bearings and TIMKEN bearings.
The function of the reducer bearing is on the one hand to keep the gear lubricating oil inside the bearing in use and ensure the bearing is in lubrication state; on the other hand, to protect the dust or harmful gas outside the bearing from entering the inner cavity of the bearing to prevent damage to the bearing. The bearings in the reducer can be used to support the gear shaft or connecting rod between the rotation.
In addition, deceleration model size is different, adopt bearing model also different. Reducer is a kind of transmission mechanism, which needs to transfer torque to the working machine through shaft and bearing. Therefore, how the transmission efficiency and quality are directly related to the bearing, and the sliding quality and life of the bearing will affect the overall quality and performance of the reducer.

reducer bearing fuction

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