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Classification Of The Angular Contact Ball Bearings

- Jun 12, 2018 -

Classification of the Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings

Commonly known as 36, 46 bearings as representatives of the six types of bearings, angular contact is generally 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 45 degrees.

angular contact ball bearing

Types of outer ball bearings:

Outer ball bearing with bearing holder

Spherical ball bearing with vertical seat

Outer ball bearing with square seat

Outer ball bearing with diamond shaped seat

Spherical ball bearing with convex platform

Spherical ball bearing with annular seat

Outer ball bearing with sliding block seat

Ball bearing with overhanging pedestal

External ball bearing with suspension seat

Spherical ball bearing with adjustable rhombus seat

Ball bearing with stamping seat

Outer ball bearing with other bearings

Thrust angular contact ball bearing

 Thrust angular contact ball bearing contact Angle 60 ° commonly used thrust angular contact ball bearings are generally two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings, mainly used for precision machine tool spindle, commonly used together with the double row cylindrical roller bearing, it can be subject to bi-directional load and have high precision, good rigidity, low temperature, high speed, convenient installation.

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