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Ceramic Ball Bearing Introduce

- Aug 18, 2018 -

Ceramic Ball Bearing introduce 

In the development and application of engineering ceramics, ceramic ball bearing is engineering ceramics widely used in industry. The typical application examples are highly valued by many countries. 

Among the high-speed precision bearings, the most widely used are the mixed ceramic ball bearings, that is, the rolling body USES the hot-pressed Si3N4 ceramic balls, and the bearing ring is still the steel ring. The bearing is highly standardized, with little structural changes to the machine tool, easy to maintain, and especially suitable for high-speed operation. The high-speed electric spindle assembled by it has the advantages of high speed, high stiffness, high power and long life. 

1. Bearing configuration: inner and outer ring bearing steel/stainless steel + ceramic ball +PA66/ stainless steel holder +2RS/ZZ;

2. High temperature grease;

3. Advantages of ceramic ball bearing compared with ordinary bearing.

Ceramic Ball Bearing introduce

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