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Bearing Heaters Installation And Debugging

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Bearing heaters Installation and debugging

1.Short circuit heating: the main machine is a special transformer with movable yoke to directly wear the bearing or other heated workpiece. When working, turn on the host power, the workpiece (equivalent to the auxiliary winding) induces short circuit current and is heated.
2.Place the yoke iron on the end face of the iron core of the main engine.
3.Check whether the connection between plug and socket is consistent with good grounding, and then insert the plug into the power socket with control switch.
4.Turn the function selection switch to the hand control position and switch on the power supply. At this time, the red indicator light is on.
5.Press the start button, and the main engine is energized. At this time, the green indicator light turns on and turns off the red light. Press the stop button and the red light goes on and the green light goes off. At this point, the debugging is over and can be put into use.

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