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Architectural Feature Of Nsk Bearing

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Architectural feature of nsk bearing

NSK rolling bearings, generally consisting of rings, rolling body and cage. According to its bearing load direction can be divided into centripetal bearing and thrust bearing. According to the type of rolling body, it is divided into NSK ball bearing and NSK roller bearing. It can also be classified according to its shape and specific users.

NSK rolling bearing features. Compared with sliding bearing, NSK rolling bearing has the following advantages:
Starting friction is small, and the difference of sliding friction control is small. It has been popularized in the world in standardization, standardization, good interchangeability and can be used interchangeably among different brands. As can be seen from the NSK bearing standard and SKF bearing standard, the standard of imported rolling bearing is universal.

nsk bearing price list 6000 series bearing .jpg

The structure around the imported bearing is simplified for easy maintenance and inspection. Generally, it can bear both radial load and axial load. Easy to use in high and low temperature conditions.

To improve rigidity, it can be used even in negative clearance (pre-load state). Each structure of the NSK rolling bearing has its own characteristics.

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