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Working principle of bearing

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Working principle of bearing

The rolling bearing developed on the basis of bearing is based on the principle of rolling friction instead of sliding friction. Generally, it consists of two rings, a set of rolling body and a retainer.As various machines have different working conditions, various requirements are put forward for rolling bearings in terms of load capacity, structure and performance.For this reason, rolling bearings require a variety of structures.However, the most basic structure consists of an inner circle, an outer ring, a rolling body, and a retainer - commonly referred to as the four major pieces.

1.For sealed bearings, plus lubricant and sealing ring (or dust cover) - also known as six pieces.The name of each bearing type is mostly named according to the name of the rolling body.The functions of various parts in bearing are as follows: for the radial bearing, the inner ring is usually closely matched with the shaft and operates together with the shaft, while the outer ring is usually matched with the bearing seat or the hole of the mechanical shell to play a supporting role.However, in some cases, there is also the operation of the outer ring, the inner ring fixed to support or the inner ring and the outer ring at the same time.

2.For thrust bearings, the balance ring, which is closely matched with the shaft and moves together, is matched with the bearing seat or the hole of the mechanical housing and plays a supporting role.The rolling body (steel ball, roller or roller needle) is usually arranged evenly between two rings in the bearing with the help of the retainer, and its shape, size and quantity directly affect the bearing's load capacity and service performance.Besides separating the rolling body evenly, the cage can also play a role in guiding the rolling body to rotate and improving the lubrication performance of the bearing.

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