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Which cylindrical roller bearings are classified

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Which cylindrical roller bearings are classified?

Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single row, double row and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings according to the number of columns used for rolling. Different structure bearings are also shown in the position of the baffle design.

Among them, the commonly used cylindrical roller bearings have the following forms:
1.Single row cylindrical roller bearings: single row cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings for easy mounting and disassembly, both rings can be fitted tightly, and the modified contact line between the roller and the raceway can reduce stress concentration.
2.Double row cylindrical roller bearing: double row cylindrical roller bearing belongs to movable bearing and its separability makes installation and disassembly very convenient. Both rings can be fitted tightly. Double row cylindrical roller bearings are rarely allowed to have inclined angles.

 cylindrical roller bearings are classification

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