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Wheel hub bearing maintenance

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Wheel hub bearing maintenance

In the process of maintenance, it is often found that some cars have large driving noise, check that the tires have no abnormal wear, and there is no obvious abnormal sound when rotating the wheels on the lifting machine. This phenomenon is often caused by abnormal damage to the hub bearing, which refers to bearing damage caused by installation reasons. 

The front wheel bearing of a car is usually a double row ball bearing. When installing the bearing, it will cause damage to one side of the bearing raceway if the hammer is used to knock the bearing into place, or if the bearing is installed through the inner ring of the bearing. Noise is produced when the vehicle is running, but is not audible when the wheels are off the ground due to the better side of the raceway. Proper mounting operation is the key to long life of bearing.

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