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TIMKEN bearing maintenance method

- Jun 23, 2018 -

 TMKEN bearing Maintenance method

1. TIMKEN bearing grease lubrication:

The re-lubrication of TIMKEN bearings is best carried out during planned equipment downtime and replenished regularly. Meanwhile, the old grease is removed or the old grease is extruded out through the oil drain hole.
Clean the nozzle before adding fresh grease. If the bearing box does not have an oil injection nozzle, open the bearing box cover or end cover to remove the old grease and replace it with fresh grease of the same type after cleaning.
TIMKEN bearing maintenance method  bearing

2. TIMKEN bearing lubrication oil:
Check the oil level and oil quality of the lubricating oil regularly. Normally, the normal oil level should be within 1/3-2/3 range of the equipment oil level window or marked.
Oil compensating way for oil cup, the display of the oil level, only on behalf of the filling capacity, and the bearing box oil level, is to meet operation requirements, the CPC a lower than a quarter of its total volume, oil cup, fill oil 
may be considered.

Check and refill methods, take a small amount of lubricating oil as a sample, compare it with fresh lubricating oil, competent units may consider oil testing to ensure that the oil quality is qualified.
If the sample of TIMKEN bearing looks like mist, it may be the result of mixing with water, which is often called oil emulsification. At this time, the lubricating oil should be replaced.

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