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The shape of bearing seat

- Sep 26, 2018 -

The shape of bearing seat

1. determination of casting device mechanism and casting process analysis of manufacturing process method. Bearing pedestal is used for mounting clamping bearings, so as to support the shaft and parts on the shaft.Casting weight is about 10 kg parts material for HT200 x80x146 (215) mm production program outline size: small mass production 

2. for casting, appropriate USES veil and back yarn combination of wet 

3. modelling method: the whole live piece of two box type mold 

4. the determination of parting surface in the shape of the bearing, parting surface and wood as Φ 62.5 sand core, and basically are in one plane, so choose bearing the whole shape as parting surface, make the whole cavity in the model, this model also facilitate security poured riser

5. determine the location of the gateThe casting parts for HT200, volume shrinkage ratio is small, belongs to the thick entity but the casting parts, so attention should be paid to the happening of the shrinkage cavity defects, so the location and direction of the SPR is very important, according to the structural characteristics of casting parts, with the principle of directional solidification, the ends of the internal sprue should base on one side of the introduction, this can also prevent bad Φ 62.5 sand mold, the resist pressure side slit gate, which can reduce the contact thermal gate and casting section, and can avoid the middle thick part overheating, and can shorten the coagulation time, is beneficial to get qualified casting parts, in addition, due to the pressure side gate feeding effect is good, so do not need to set up the castingFeeding riser, to prevent the air hole, can be in the middle of the top partial side set an Φ 8 Φ 10 mm vent riser.

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