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The related reasons leading to the fracture of the equilibrium axis are summarized

- Jun 25, 2018 -

The related reasons leading to the fracture of the equilibrium axis are summarized 

As follows:

(1) loose bearings. A balance shaft bearing kuang, a hole are a common cause of abnormal wear and tear caused by engine balance is not good, not flexible bearing operation flow, balance shaft seat hole alignment error, balance shaft axial clearance is too large, and so on. When the bearing bore wear increases, the running balance bearing is subjected to a large impact load, leading to the breaking of the balance shaft.

(2) assembly error. In the process of disassembling and repairing the diesel engine, the balance shaft is sometimes wrongly installed, for example, the timing mark is wrongly installed when the timing gear is installed. At this time, the balance alarm cannot play the role of balance, but will cause greater vibration, resulting in the break of the balance axis.

(3) bad meshing of gears. Balance shaft gear and meshing with the gear axis equal degree of super bad, meshed gears in the transmission process of binding, subject balance shafts to cyclical bending stress, leading to balance shaft fatigue fracture.


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