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The linear bearing of maintenance

- Jun 15, 2018 -

The linear bearing of maintenance

Metal linear bearing maintenance, lubrication and friction: linear bearing internal injection anticorrosive oil, if use grease lubrication, use kerosene or organic solvent first remove anticorrosive oil, dried to add grease.(it is recommended to use the cohesive markers for N0.2 lithium soap grease.) if the oil lubrication, don't need to remove anticorrosive oil, according to the temperature change can choose ISO viscosity lubricating oil level VG15-100. Shaft lubrication oil pipe in water supply to the oil, or for oil from the oil hole on the bearing seat.As the sealing ring will scrape off the lubricating oil, oil lubrication is not applicable to non-hole sealing ring bearings.

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Maintenance of plastic linear bearing: as the sliding film inside the plastic linear bearing is made of self-lubricating plastic, no additional oil supply and maintenance are required in the use of the sliding film.And because the plastic linear bearing has a chip discharge slot, even if the bearing or shaft is filled with dust, there is no need to maintain it. Dust will be automatically carried out from the chip removal slot during the movement.Only when the sliding film wear failure can be used to replace the sliding film directly;Maintenance is very convenient.

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