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Sliding bearings classification

- Jul 25, 2018 -

 Sliding bearings classification 

There are many kinds of sliding bearings:

1.Radial (centripetal) sliding bearings and thrust (axial) sliding bearings can be divided into radial (centripetal) sliding bearings according to the direction of load bearing.

2.Lubricants can be divided into oil lubricants bearings, grease lubricants bearings, water lubricants bearings, gas bearings, solid lubricants bearings, magnetic fluid bearings and electromagnetic bearings.
3.The lubrication film thickness can be divided into two types: film lubricated bearing and thick film lubricated bearing.
4.The materials of spindle tiles can be divided into bronze bearing, cast iron bearing, plastic bearing, gemstone bearing, powder metallurgical bearing, self-lubricating bearing and oil bearing, etc.
5.The bearing shell structure can be divided into round bearing, elliptical bearing, three-oil leaf bearing, step face bearing, tilting tile bearing and foil bearing, etc.

sliding bearings classification

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