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SDT Provides LIFETIME WARRANTY on Major Products

- Apr 21, 2018 -

“The Lifetime Warranty Program is an expression of our confidence in the reliability and quality of our solutions,” explains Allan Rienstra, director of business development for SDT. “But more than this, we want our customers to feel that same confidence. Confident to expect worry free operations, hassle free repairs, and trust SDT to be their premier provider of ultrasound solutions.”

The new program entitles every registered owner of SDT products to free maintenance and free repairs for the life of the equipment. The only condition is that the equipment be returned annually for inspection and calibration.

“This program may seem ambitious, and even risky,” states SDT Managing Director, André Degraeve. “But those familiar with SDT’s aim, view this announcement as a logical consequence of our Corporate Values; to remain Simple, Flexible, and Respectful.”

SDT’s brand is synonymous with high quality. Many products built in the 1980’s remain in service nearly 40 years later. Creating a program this customer-centric is one more example of how SDT continues to elevate their service level.

About SDT
SDT develops ultrasound solutions that give their customers a better understanding about the health of their factory. They help identify improvements in energy conservation, machine defects, and quality control. Their innovative products contribute to the overall reliability for organizations around the globe.

To Hear More about SDT’s LIFETIME WARRANTY, please contact SDT Ultrasound Solutions or visit their website for more details.

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