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Rolling bearing self-aligning properties

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Rolling bearing self-aligning properties

The ability of the bearing to function normally when the center line of the shaft is tilted relative to the center line of the bore. Double row centripetal spherical ball bearing and double row centripetal spherical roller bearing have good centering performance. Roller bearings and needle bearings do not allow the inner and outer ring axis has a relative tilt. All kinds of rolling bearing allows tilt Angle is different, such as the single-row radial ball bearing is 8 '~ 16', double column centripetal ball bearings for 2 ° ~ 3 °, tapered roller bearings' 2 or less.

Maximum permissible speed of bearing under certain load and lubrication conditions. Limit speed is related to bearing type, size, precision, clearance, retainer, load and cooling conditions. Bearing working speed should be lower than limit speed. Choosing high-precision bearings, improving the structure and materials of the cage, using oil mist lubrication and improving the cooling conditions can all increase the limit speed.

Rolling bearing slf-aligning properties

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