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Roller bearing assembling standard

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Roller bearing assembling standard

1.Select the qualified rolling bearing first, and then check the axle diameter or bearing body matched with the bearing to determine which mating mode to use. The main factors include working conditions, load, speed and temperature of the rolling bearing.

2. The end face marked with the model on the rolling bearing shall be installed in the visible part, so that the bearing model can be easily recognized when replacing the bearing.

3. The radius of arc at the shoulder of the shaft diameter or shell hole platform shall be less than the radius of the bearing, so as to ensure that the bearing is close to the shaft shoulder and shell hole shoulder after assembly.
4. The fixing device of rolling bearing must be in good condition and reliable, the fastening procedure is moderate and the anti-loose is reliable.
5. During the assembly of rolling bearings, strict cleaning should be maintained to prevent sundries from entering the bearings.
6.After assembly, should check whether the rolling bearing is flexible rotation, have no noise, the general working temperature is less than 50 ℃.

roller bearing assembling standard

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