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Removal methods of the needle roller bearing

- Jun 11, 2018 -

 Removal methods of the needle roller bearing 

Folding percussion

 Fold knock knock force general law in the bearing inner ring, shielding room tapping force should not be added in rolling element bearings and keep on the shelf, this method is simple, but easily damaged bearings, when bearing, at the end of the shaft, use less than the copper rod of bearing inside diameter or other soft metal materials resist shaft end, lower bearing block, hammer knock gently, can remove the application of this method should pay attention to the position of the block placed properly, focus should correctly 

Folded hot split method 

Folded hot split method is used to remove the interference fit bearing will be heated to 100 firstAround the engine oil in oil pot pouring in to dismantle the bearing, after waiting for bearing ring heat expansion, can be used to pull push pull bearing .

remove bearing

Push method 

Fold thrust bearing pressure with press, work stable and reliable, does not damage the machine and press bearing shielding room have manual push, push note: mechanical or hydraulic press press focus should be on the center of the shaft.

Pull method

 It must not pull partial folding method adopts special puller, remove, as long as the rotating handle, bearing will be pulled slowly remove the bearing outer ring, pull two foot corners should open outward;When removing the inner ring of the bearing, the two legs of the drawing tool should be facing inward and stuck on the end face of the inner ring of the bearing.

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