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Our deep groove ball bearing advantages

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Deep groove Ball Bearing

Bearing structure is simple, easy to use and maintain. Mainly used to withstand radial loads.

The bearing has a low coefficient of friction and allows higher rotational speeds.


Deep groove ball bearings are versatile, with self-retaining bearings with a strong outer ring inside

Ring and ball and cage components. These products are simple in design and durable

Easy to maintain; they have single and double row designs, open and sealed

variant. Due to the production technology, open bearings can still rotate the groove

On the outer ring of the seal or shield.

Our single-row deep groove ball bearings are simple to design, cannot be separated, and are suitable for high

The operation speed is very high, the operation is stable, and little maintenance is required. Deep race groove and tight groove between raceway groove and ball

In addition to using deep groove ball bearings to accommodate two-way axial loads

Radial load, high speed operation.

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