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Oilless bearing instllation instructions

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Oilless bearing instllation instructions

1. It shall determine whether the mating surfaces of the axle center and axle housing have any bump, bump, etc

2. Whether there is dust or mold sand attached to the bearing shell surface.
3. Although it is a minor bump or bump, it should be removed with oil grindstone or fine sandpaper if any.
4. A small amount of lubricating oil shall be applied to the surface of the shaft and shaft housing in order to avoid collision during the containment. Force must be applied to the inner ring when the bearing is mounted on the center of the shaft, and force must be applied to the outer ring when the bearing is mounted on the housing. To apply force on the bearing, be careful to make the force vertical and even down, bias will hurt the bearing. For this absolutely try to avoid slanting.
5. The holder of oil-free bearing bearing and sealing plate shall not apply force. 
6. Bearing hardness may be reduced by overheating, so it must not exceed 100 degrees.

Oilless bearing  instllation instructions

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