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NTN-SNR activities within the automotive sector

- May 18, 2018 -

NTN-SNR at the EQUIP’AUTO 2018 Exhibition

NTN-SNR, a leader in the automotive sector

70% of NTN-SNR’s turnover is in the automotive sector. The company supplies almost all manufacturers in the world. It is a leading multi-specialist in original equipment and spare parts. NTN-SNR offers its 3rd generation wheel bearings, high performance distribution idlers and gearbox bearings and parts for chassis, engine and transmission families. A leader in the European vehicle market, NTN-SNR has become a supplier to Asian brand vehicles in Europe, both as OEM and spare parts for original products. NTN-SNR is also partner for electric vehicle development programmes and future innovations with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions of combustion-powered vehicles. Within this context it has devised an electric wheel motor that is used on various prototype vehicles. It developed the PCS Hub Joint, a 2015 award-winning innovation, which significantly reduces the weight and bulk of the transmission.

A comprehensive and clear automotive product range

NTN-SNR provides the market with more than 7,000 products. It constantly expands its lines with 400 to 500 additional products a year. In 2016, it offered more than 1,000 products for the sensors, constant-velocity joints and truck ranges. The NTN-SNR ranges for automotive spare parts cover 80,000 vehicle models, comprising 96% of the European vehicle fleet.

It is also developing specific ranges for lorries that are continuously being improved with a doubling of the number of references since 2015, The end of 2016 saw the launch of a much wider range of bearings for lorries, as well as a full range of more than 220 lorry bearings products for transmission and gearboxes.

  • Chassis Family, #SecurityInside

  • Wheel bearings, suspension, brake discs and transmissions

  • NTN-SNR is leader in wheel bearings, in particular 3rd generation bearings, and has developed expertise in brake discs with integrated bearings. These are frequently used in thrust bearings and suspension kits. A new offer of transmission kits is now becoming part of the family (full transmissions, constant-velocity joints, bellow kits). For all of these chassis components, NTN-SNR strives for perfect safety, ensuring how a vehicle behaves and therefore providing safety for the driver.

  • Engine Family, #PerformanceInside

  • Distribution and accessoriesPerformance is the primary characteristic of engine items supplied by NTN-SNR. A major manufacturer of tensioners as OEM, NTN-SNR offers very high performance tensioners to meet the most demanding of requirements (a tensioner can turn at more than 15,000 rpm) and high quality belts. NTN-SNR offers a complete range for distribution and accessories: distribution kits and accessory kits, distribution kits with water pump, tensioners, accessory belts, damper pulleys and alternator freewheel pulleys.

  • Transmission Family, #ReliabilityInside

  • NTN-SNR offers extremely reliable bearings adapted to each type of box with very small tolerances to ensure the absence of any play. As OEM, NTN-SNR also provides clutch release bearings to the largest manufacturers and also offers this range to the aftermarket. NTN-SNR offers innovative and high performance mechatronic solutions: measurements of speed with its global standard ASB®*, angle measurements, or measurements of effort.

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