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Nsk bearing Lubrication maintenance

- Jun 20, 2018 -

 Nsk bearing Lubrication maintenance

1.NSK bearings have smooth oil bath

Oil bath smooth is a common type of NSK bearing, suitable for low and medium speed bearing.A part of the NSK bearing is immersed in the oil tank. The smooth oil is carried by the rotating bearing parts and then flows back to the oil tank oil surface, which should be slightly lower than the center of the lowest rolling body.

2.The drop oil of NSK bearing is smooth

The oil drop is smooth and suitable for the NSK bearing parts that need to be supplied with smooth oil quantitatively. The amount of oil drop is suitable for every 3-8 seconds. Too much oil will cause the bearing temperature to increase.

3.The circulating oil of NSK bearing is smooth

The filter oil is fed into the NSK bearing parts by oil pump, which is then filtered and cooled by the smooth oil after bearing.Because the circulating oil can take away certain heat and cool down the bearing, this method is applied to bearing parts with higher rotating speed.

NSK-bearing-Japan-brand-6004-Deep-Groove (1).png

4.The spray on NSK bearings is smooth

The dry contractile air is mixed with the spray and smooth oil to create the oil mist. In the radial NSK bearing, the air flow can effectively cool the bearing and avoid impurity intrusion.This method is suitable for the smoothness of high speed and low temperature bearing parts.

5.The radiation of NSK bearings is smooth

The low pressure oil is injected into the NSK bearing through the nozzle by the oil pump, and the oil into the bearing flows into the oil groove through the other end of the bearing.When bearing at high speed, rolling body and maintain frame to match the rotation of the high speed air cause air flow around, it is hard to smooth the oil to the bearings in individual smooth way, then must smooth oil spray with low radiation to bearing, the status of the nozzle should be placed in the middle of the inner ring and maintain frame between.

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