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NSK bearing disassembly

- Jun 20, 2018 -

NSK bearing disassembly:

1. Remove the outer ring
Remove the outer ring with overfill fit. Set several screws on the outer ring extruding screw on the circumference of the outer shell in advance. Tighten the screw equally on one side and disassemble on the other. The screw hole cover usual blind plug, NSK bearing NSK bearing separation type of tapered roller, shoulders set several incisions in the shell, using block, remove by press, or tap the disassembly.
2. Removal of cylinder bore NSK bearing
The inner ring can be removed simply by using the pressure machine. At this point, pay attention to the inner ring to bear its pulling force. The oil pressure method is used to remove the inner ring of large NSK bearing. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole set on the shaft to make it easy to pull out. The NSK bearing with large width is disassembled by using oil pressure method and drawing clamp. The inner ring of NU and NJ cylindrical roller NSK bearings can be removed by induction heating. The method of heating the part in a short time to make the inner circle expand and pull out.

nsk deep groove ball bearin g6000 series price list.jpg

3. Removal of tapered NSK bearing
Remove the smaller NSK bearing with a clamping sleeve, support the inner ring with a retaining block on the shaft, turn the nut back several times, and remove with a hammer on the pad. For large NSK bearings, it is easier to disassemble by oil pressure. The method of pressurizing and delivering oil in the oil hole of the taper hole shaft to expand the inner ring and disassemble NSK bearings is adopted. In the operation, there is the possibility that NSK bearing suddenly comes out, it is better to use the nut as the block.

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