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Magnetic Pump

- Sep 30, 2018 -

Magnetic Pump

Magnetic pump is a kind of common products, and the use range is more extensive pump magnetic pump bearing use of steel for high carbon chromium bearing steel, because of the high quality of bearing steel smelting by vacuum deaeration, electromagnetic stirring, oxide content is less, in can contact under high compressive stress at the same time also can bear larger high tensile stress, after heat treatment, axial groove hardness of HRC 58-62.

If the magnetic pump shaft has cracks or heavy wear on the surface, it will affect the strength of the centrifugal pump shaft should be replaced with a new shaft.If the pump shaft is slightly bent or worn, the hook should be repaired.So, 

what are the repair methods for magnetic pump shaft?

1. Repair of magnetic pump shaft journal hook and wear

Adopt the pump shaft journal of sliding bearing, because of bad lubrication or lubricating oil brings in iron, sand and so on, make the pump shaft journal abrade or grind out groove mark, the axle journal of rubber guide bearing place wear and so on, use to be plated each generally, plated copper, plated stainless steel to undertake repairing, the method that use car or grind makes standard diameter next.

2. Repair of bending of magnetic pump shaft

For the smaller diameter of the pump shaft, copper sheet can be placed on the bend, and it can be straightened by hammering.For larger diameter and less bending of the pump shaft, screw straightening machine can be used.

3. Repair magnetic pump keyway

If the surface of the keyway is rough, and the damage is not serious, you can use a file to repair.If the damage is heavy, the old groove can be welded on, and a new groove can be opened elsewhere, but the pump shaft with greater transmission power must be replaced with a new shaft.

4. Repair of magnetic pump shaft threads

When there is light thread injury at the end of the pump shaft, the damaged thread can be repaired and used again.If the damage is serious, first make the pump shaft end car small, and then press a bushing, screw thread on the bushing;It can also be surmounted by electric and gas welding at the end of the pump shaft and cut the thread.

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