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How to select SKF bearing type accuracy grade

- Aug 20, 2018 -

How to select SKF bearing type accuracy grade

The bearing precision grade standard is divided into six grades: P0, P6X, P6,P 5, P4 and P2.

Bearing precision is improved from level P0, which is sufficient for general level P0, but P5 or higher accuracy is required for other conditions or occasions.

In most cases, the FAG bearings (tolerance level of PN) with general dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy are sufficient.When higher requirements are required, bearings require higher precision grades, such as machine tool spindle bearings.In order to meet the requirements of higher accuracy, the standard specifies the tolerance levels of P6, P6X, P5, P4 and P2.FAG also specifies the tolerance levels of P4S, SP and UP for some special bearings according to company standards.

Non-neutralization occurs when machining the mating surface of the journal or the mating surface of the bearing seat, especially when machining the mating surface is not completed in a single mounting.Misalignment also occurs when using a bearing seat, such as a flange housing or a vertical FAG inlet housing.As the working load causes the shaft to bend and deform, it will also appear wrong when it causes the bearing inner and outer rings to tilt.

Centering SKF bearings can be used to compensate for the misalignment inclination, such as centering ball bearings, penning roller bearings, centripetal and thrust aligning roller bearings.These bearings all have a concave spherical raceway with the roll body and inner ring rotating inside.The ability of these bearings to compensate for shaft center line deflection angles depends on their own type, size and load conditions.

The outer ball bearing and SKF thrust ball bearing with seat ring have a spherical supporting surface.The offset Angle can be adjusted when installed in a concave spherical seat.

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